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Amie N. Peele-Intellectual Property Lawyer



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Protecting your business interests is what we’re all about. With over two decades in big law, Amie Peele brings a wealth of experience in intellectual property law to each client engagement. With clients ranging from entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies, we’ve earned a strong reputation for delivering thoughtful advice and insightful solutions. So read on to learn a little more about us. Then let’s get back to you!


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Intellectual Property Lawyer

Amie is the founding partner of Peele Law Group. A dedicated client advocate and impassioned brand protector, she delivers legal expertise and strategic counsel to businesses of all sizes across all areas of advertising and promotion. Amie partners with clients to define the business challenges they need to address, then unravels the complexities and ambiguities of the legal processes that will help them achieve their goals. VIEW MORE 


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Trademark Paralegal

Susan’s cheerful and energetic support is at the heart of Peele Law Group. She has her Trademark Paralegal Certificate and manages our docket and trademark portfolios. A business owner herself, Susan has worked for years in office administration roles. Her client-focused approach ensures seamless interactions with our most valuable asset – you.

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